Mokarran tells you the legend of Maritipa and Teahiaroa

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Mokarran tells you the legend of Maritipa and Teahiaroa


Legend of Maritipa and Teahiaroa


Once upon a time, living on one of Kaukura's motu, a very beautiful woman. To help him cope with loneliness, the gods granted him to have children. But the woman despised this gift. One day, she entrusted to the ocean the land that contained two children's bodies that of Maritipa and her brother Teahiaroa. The two children, carried away by the current, drifted for an indefinite period of time.


As adults, Maritipa took the form of a Shark, while Teahiaroa turned into a magnificent Stripe. Both, however, had kept a human face. One day, by chance fishermen discovered a sea cave called Marie. It was through this tunnel, 800 meters long, about 30 meters in diameter, that Maritipa and Teahiaroa emerged from the ocean. The wide side exit of this sea cave is named Mapiri while the lagoon side entrance is called Vaitomoana. This underwater passage would later become their graveyard.

Indeed, on a stormy night, while Maritipa and Teahiaroa were off the waves of extreme violence rushed into the tunnel, destroying everything in their path. In a thud, the rocks detached completely clogging the cave. In the early morning, when Maritipa and Teahiaroa wanted to return to the lagoon, they discovered a wall in the middle of the cave. The passage was closed forever. Maritipa and Teahiaroa made such strong complaints that all life on Kaukura Atoll ceased for a moment.

Today these plaintive echoes are still perceived, accompanied by hisses. This is a message from Kaukura's two children, which means that the weather will change and that a strong swell is expected.

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