Mokarran's commitments for the planet

At Mokarran, we are concerned about our impact on the environment. As you may have guessed, we don't manufacture our own t-shirts. For this purpose, we work with various manufacturing companies that we chose very carefully based on a factor of great significance to us: “What do they actually do to minimize their environmental impact?”

People often talk about organic cotton, however this is not the only issue we have to be particularly careful about. Fabric dyeing can be a polluting activity with significant environmental and health impacts if bad industrial practices are carried out. This is the second issue that drew our attention.

Of course, the human factor cannot be overlooked. Who are the factory workers who manufacture the t-shirts we sell? What are their working conditions? Do they make a living from their job? This third factor was determining and essential to us. Our partners' transparency and work ethics are paramount to us.
Whether it is in relation to the issue previously mentioned or any other concerns we may have as to where the fabric was produced, what the manufacturing process is and who produced, wove, dyed, cut and sewed the fabric. 

We found one company that meets our requirements, Bella + Canvas which is located in California.

All the t-shirts you find on the online shop are Bella + Canvas.