The  diving blogs are followed by a large community because of the different subjects they tackle: material advice, training, travel ideas and explanations on underwater life. They are a reference in terms of advice and tips of all kinds. The Internet is full of diving blogs followed by thousands of divers.

But for our part here is the blog that we prefer "Different Dive". Built in a refined style, this blog has been a delight in the daily life of divers for 2 years already.

Hélène Adam, the author of this blog is a diving instructor and has built a community, which already has more than 25 likes on Facebook, and who does not seem ready to stop growing.

The big plus of Hélène's blog: interesting and qualitative content. A real knowledge of the diving world which really makes the difference!

This is why we wanted Hélène to become our ambassador.


A little word from Hélène:

"Are you crazy about diving, totally addicted or just curious to know a little better the extraordinary world of diving that makes you dream?

Different Dive is a blog made for YOU

Passionate about diving, I love to share with you my thoughts, questions, tips, photos, stories of my best destinations,… and everything that brings together the incredible community of divers.

When I'm not writing for the blog, I'm probably busy diving, somewhere around the world. "


Content creator and questioner of ideas

Helene Adam in Mokarran



His site: www.differentdive.com


Find it on his Facebook page "Different Dive": 



His Facebook group "Diving training, tips and other small pleasures":