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For t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories found in the organic clothing menu that are not manufactured in the same place as our other products. And the mugs have a special packaging. Do not be surprised to receive several parcels a few days apart (and to have higher parcel costs).

Mokarran commitments for the planet

Mokarran commitments

At Mokarran we are concerned about our impact on the environment. As you can imagine, we don't make our t-shirts ourselves. We work for this with different companies and we were keen to choose them with the first criterion "What are they doing to minimize their environmental impact"?

We often talk about organic cotton, but it's not just this point to be vigilant. Fabric shade can be a very polluting activity if it is carried out with bad practices, it is the second point which interested us.

Obviously we could not ignore the human factor. Who makes the t-shirts for the brands we work with, what are their living conditions, do they make a decent living from their work? It is the 3rd criterion which was essential for us. We wanted our partners to be transparent on this point, as on the rest for that matter, that they could tell us where, how and by whom was produced, woven, made, dyed, cut and sewn the fabric they use.

We found two companies that met our requirements, Bella + Canvas which is located in California and Stanley/Stella which is located in Belgium.

All the clothes you find in the menus: "Men, Women" are Bella + Canvas. And the clothes that you will find in the menu: "Bio & Promo" as well as on our stands during the various shows in which we participate are Stanley/Stella. We let you discover by clicking on the corresponding links what are the commitments of these companies.