About Mokarran Team

Mokarran originated from a meeting between Melo and Vincent.

Vincent likes to be alone in order to imagine and conceive ideas, while Mélo prefers company and conservation. However, what they have in common is their main focus: to be in the water.

Thousands of hours diving and filming underwater wildlife were necessary in order to achieve the brand designs.

Mokarran originated from the desire to create t-shirts that were different from the run-of-the-mill designs.
Who, among divers, has never owned a “Dive now, Work later” t-shirt?

"With Mokarran, we wanted to create designs closer to the actual animals and really put them in the spotlight."

This was the original idea and we hope that it will last a long time.


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Vincent and Mélo are both former scuba diving instructors. They have long practiced their profession in French Polynesia but have also worked in Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, the Caribbean and France.
Mélo has been teaching diving since 1999. Vincent since 2007, year in which he also started underwater photography