Mokarran, a story of passions...

Mokarran... a word that maybe means nothing to you. Yet for some of us this word sounds like a myth, a quest, something often dreamed of but rarely reached. Imagine an animal that can exceed 5.5 meters in length, an incredible corpulence, a head that some describe as monstrous while for others it embodies raw beauty. An animal derived from a long evolutionary process of several hundred million years, it would be perfection itself, the absolute predator.

We imagine the great predators as invasive and audacious, however the Mokarran is stealthy. Often we don't see him arrive and he disappears in the same way, discreetly. Its looks contrast with this delicacy. His mouth, always slightly open, reveals a multitude of prominent teeth. His silhouette would make the best of all designers seem like a vulgar scribbler. The Mokarran is the expression of all contrasts, until it awakens something deeper within us, between fear and wonder, between stupor and excitement.

More prosaically, Mokarran is the scientific name of the great hammerhead shark, Sphyrna Mokarran.

This animal arouses passions; many divers hope to observe him and don't hesitate to travel thousands of kilometers to dream awake. Even when the quest is vain, hope remains lively and eventually the myth is only growing.

Mokarran, this is how we baptized our clothing brand. A kind of reverence to an animal that obsesses me. Despite all the encounters I had the chance to live and which, even when put together end to end, are and will always be too short to my taste, Mokarran is the epitome of a biting passion .

Nature often provides this feeling, a sort of bliss that can be felt by swimming alongside a whale, playing with wild dolphins or witnessing the insistent curiosity of a manta ray.

These are magical moments that make us forget all that surrounds us, amazed by the incredible spectacle of wild life.

We should remember that the biggest animal that ever lived on earth is contemporary. Even bigger than the dinosaurs the blue whale still swims in the oceans of our planet. This offers us a hint of hope in this world where cities are constantly expanding, where intensive fields of cultivation have replaced forests, where man thinks he can dominate Mother Nature.

Animals are the forgotten guardians of our planet and Mokarran simply wishes to pay tribute to them, to make their voices heard so as not to forget who we are and where we come from.

Vincent, designer Mokarran.


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