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Get inspired ...

Many have said it and they are all repeating it, you just have to know to love.

Marine animals are a source of inspiration for us, but our attachment to their world goes far beyond mere clothing.

Observing, learning, understanding, this is the common thread of our adventure, what drives us and makes us love wild life so much. The graphic creations of Mokarran are linked to marine animals, actually taken from underwater photographs, from all these images that you discover while browsing our site.

We told you Mokarran is a history of passions, these photos are the fruit of thousands of hours spent under the surface of the oceans, hoping for long-dreamed encounters. He is the photographer and co-founder of Mokarran Vincent truchet which gives us these magnificent aquatic images. He transmits his love of the sea through his photographs which serve as a basis for our creative work.

So behind each Mokarran design there is a story, that of a man, a meeting, a species and Vincent has as many anecdotes to tell as there are photos to exhibit. By wearing Mokarran, you take part of these stories with you.

Do not hesitate to discover or rediscover Vincent's work on his site www.vincent-truchet.com and especially take your breath because you will experience a real immersion in the big Blue....

Mélo, Account manager.

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