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For t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories found in the organic clothing menu that are not manufactured in the same place as our other products. And the mugs have a special packaging. Do not be surprised to receive several parcels a few days apart (and to have higher parcel costs).

About us

The Mokarran team
Mokarran is the fruit of the meeting between Vincent and Mélo.
Vincent loves creation and Mélo loves communication. One likes to be alone to imagine and conceive while the other likes to surround himself and talk. But what they have in common is that their priority is to be in the water. 
And to realize the designs of the brand it took thousands of hours of diving spent photographing underwater fauna.

Mokarran was born from the desire to offer t-shirts that are different from what is usually done. Who among the divers has never had a "dive now, work later" t-shirt?

"With Mokarran we wanted to create something closer to animals, something that really puts them forward."

The idea started from there and we hope it will last a long time ...

To learn more about our philosophy

Visit Vincent's photographs website:

We are both diving instructors. We practice in French Polynesia. We stayed in the Tuamotu for a long time and now we have our little diving club in Tahiti: https://www.mokarran-diving.com/ .

We have also worked in Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, the Caribbean and France.

Mélo has been teaching diving since 1999. Vincent since 2007, when he also started underwater photography.

Mélo: Co-founder of Mokarran. Marketing / Customer Relations

Photos: Melo in Petra (Jordan), in Fernandina Island (Galapagos), diving with a manta ray (Tikehau, French Polynesia)

vincent: Co-founder of Mokarran. Web-designer / Designer - Graphic designer

Photos: In Tikehau (French Polynesia), diving with sharks (Fakarava, French Polynesia), with a sea lion (Galapagos)